2021 FAQ’s

Throughout the pandemic, the value of community has been more important than ever. Communities have stepped up to support each other with an incredible local volunteer response, from shopping, befriending and keeping people active, to supporting the testing and vaccination centres.

The South Derbyshire Community Heroes Roll of Honour is your chance to say thank you to those volunteers who have made a challenging time just a little bit better! Click here to read the press release.

Submissions have now closed, thank you to everyone who put their Heroes forward!

Throughout National Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June) we will release three short films that we have created, featuring groups from the Roll of Honour and a fourth short film highlighting all of the Community Heroes put forward. After the release of the final film, the full Roll of Honour with any messages and photos submitted, will be available on this website.


Who can I Thank?

Individuals, teams, groups, projects or organisations in South Derbyshire, or whose work benefits South Derbyshire residents. Basically, anyone who’s VOLUNTARY actions have helped you during the COVID-19 pandemic! This even includes the ‘unknown hero’, if you want to thank an individual or group but do not know their name and personal details (e.g. volunteers at a Vaccination Centre) our application form has been developed to allow you to do this – all you need to do is tell us what you know (e.g. what they have done for you and where this was).

What defines volunteering / voluntary actions?

For the purposes of the Roll of Honour, we are defining volunteering / voluntary actions as any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit others, and that isn’t intended to further any political or commercial motives. Volunteering must be a choice freely made by each individual. This can include formal activity undertaken through public, private and voluntary organisations as well as informal community participation and social action.

Who can submit a Thank You?

Anyone! You could be a staff member, service user or beneficiary, customer, local resident, funder, partner organisation or a member of the public. Tell us who you think deserves a Thank You.

Can I nominate my own organisation, or my volunteers/team?

Yes, absolutely – we would encourage you to celebrate the good work done by your organisation, as long as it has been done on a voluntary basis!

How will you decide on the winners?

For this year’s Awards, everyone is a winner! Rather than holding a judging panel to select winners, all those thanked via a submission and verified will be included in our Roll of Honour. Award organisers retain the right to refuse unsuitable submissions.

Will there be a ceremony?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to host an Awards Ceremony this year. Instead, multiple videos will be produced to announce the Roll of Honour, these videos will be widely released and shared on South Derbyshire District Council, South Derbyshire CVS, South Derbyshire Volunteer Force and Active South Derbyshire social media accounts.

What will they receive as a result of my Thank You?

All Community Heroes submitted and verified will be included in the Roll of Honour. Named individuals and groups whose contact details have been provided will receive a commemorative certificate and exclusive pin badge as a permanent reminder of your gratitude.

A number of South Derbyshire Community Heroes will also be selected to be included in three videos produced to highlight the amazing voluntary work they have been doing and how it has benefited the local community.

How do I submit a Thank You?

Submissions closed on 16 May 2021, thank you to everyone who put their Hero/es forward! The Roll of Honour will be published on this website in Volunteers’ Week, 1-7 June 2021!

What do I include on my submission form?

If you have any videos or images of your Community Heroes in action, please upload them via the submission form or submit a video of your personal thank you message. If submitting a video or images of your Community Heroes, please ensure they would be happy for you to do so. Please be aware that by doing so, you are consenting to the videos/images provided being used in media/publications for this and future Awards.

What will happen to the information on your form?

By providing your own personal data as well as the personal data of people you wish to thank (where known), you consent to being contacted by a member of the South Derbyshire Awards team to gain further information or to inform you of the outcome of your submission. Additionally you are confirming that you believe the nominated party will be accepting of this contact using the personal information you have provided. We will use the personal data to inform your Hero, generally by email of their vote of thanks and arrange delivery of the certificate and pin-badge to their home address. Details of your submission will be shared with our Award partners and sponsors. The name/s of those thanked (when applicable) will also be made public when the Roll of Honour is announced. Any videos and images submitted will not be shared or used beyond the purposes of the Awards. Unused videos and images will be deleted within 7 working days of the publication of the Roll of Honour.

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