Community Heroes Roll of Honour

Throughout the pandemic, the value of community has been more important than ever. Communities have stepped up to support each other with an incredible local volunteer response, from shopping, befriending and keeping people active, to supporting the testing and vaccination centres.

The South Derbyshire Community Heroes Roll of Honour celebrates those volunteers who have made a challenging time just a little bit better!

A number of Community Heroes were also selected to be included in three videos highlighting the amazing voluntary work they have been doing and how it has benefited the local community – you can watch the videos here.

Named individuals and groups whose contact details have been provided will also be receiving a commemorative certificate and exclusive pin badge in the post soon! If you are included in the Roll of Honour and haven’t received a certificate and badge by 4 July 2021, please get in touch with us.

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Sue Adams – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Carol Adams – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Helen (Penny) Adcock – Findern Help Group

“Organising the ‘Findern Help Group’ – created a food bank, did food shopping, prescription pick up and befriending. Organised a pen pal scheme between children and older villagers. Arranged transport. Supported people coming home from hospital. Penny has gone above and beyond.”Dawn Foote & Kate Sharpe

“When my Father passed away during lockdown I was devastated and she texted me every day to make sure I was ok. She is a credit to the village of Findern.”Lib Maguire

A Gift From You

“This group has worked tirelessly throughout the Covid Pandemic redistributing donated food from local shops to local food banks and have delivered individual food packages to families who have been struggling. Hundreds of Shoe Box gifts were made up by a Gift From You at Christmas and distributed to the many organisations they support in providing food to support their clients. The group have also offered covid safe events to provide food for local families during the school holidays. Many thanks to the group for their tireless support and ambition.”Jean Fletcher & Rosena Preston

Pam Allen – Invisible Group

“Before the pandemic I attended the Invisible Group, which supports people with invisible illnesses, ran by Pam at Sharpes Pottery regularly. When the group had to stop due to COVID, Pam set up and ran a WhatsApp group so all attendees could keep in touch and she is always sending through support and information. Pam has also put together picnic hampers for each group member and had them delivered to their homes. Although the group cannot meet, this ongoing support and contact has been a real positive.”Claire Hughes

Jennifer Andrews – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Natalie Archer – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Nisha Ari – Founder, Chair & Organiser of Repton COVID-19 Community Support Group

“Nisha is a very talented and committed person. When Covid sprang up she immediately turned that commitment to action by forming the Support Group here in Repton. She has unstintingly given of her time and energy throughout the pandemic and continues to do so in a variety of ways. So many have benefited from her work, recognition of that fact is the least we can do.”Martin Flowerdew

Watch our video featuring Nisha and the Repton COVID-19 Community Support Group HERE!

Anita Armes – Vaccination Centre Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Peter Armes – Vaccination Centre Volunteer, South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer, befriending, food bank collection, delivering gifts donated to NHS staff & Royal Derby Hospital Volunteer

“I want to thank my dad, who has volunteered throughout the pandemic and has also supported me and my family in what has been a challenging and difficult time. As his daughter and a nurse in the NHS, his support and guidance has been invaluable. He is a fabulous role model and all round good man!”Janine Abramson

“Pete stepped up to help during this pandemic. He volunteers for the Royal Derby, buggy driving from 2014 after an illness and wanted to give something back to say thank you for his treatment.”Anita Armes

Jan Ashford – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

John Ault – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Lynn Ault – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Karen and Peter Bailey – Dancing with Karen

“Karen and Pete kept the DWK ballroom dancers busy, entertained and motivated through lockdown with free classes online and fun activities. Origami, cake decoration, maypole and mini boat construction were learned and we found 101 uses for a toilet roll! We kept laughing, encouraged each other, stayed in touch and kept up our fitness with free classes 4 x week. Karen phones round to check on people who don’t use technology and is also supporting her mother who’s been self-isolating since last March. Karen and Pete also volunteered at a vaccination centre at Whitemoor Lakes.”Kate Allies, Mary Clamp & Tracey Fradley

Sonia Baker – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Georgia Batchelor Robbins – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Sue Bateman – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Geraldine Beard – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Donna Benton – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Tim Bidder – Volunteer Nordic Walk Leader with Get Active in the Forest

“When our weekly Nordic Walks had to be cancelled, Tim set up virtual Nordic Walking sessions with the Rosliston Forestry Centre group. The group would link in to Zoom to do the warm up exercises delivered by Tim. They would then go on their separate Nordic walks and meet back on Zoom afterwards for a coffee and a chat. Tim kept a sense of community going, helped the group keep active throughout lockdown, and gave everyone something to put in their weekly schedule. I would like Tim to know how grateful we are for providing this service for his walkers and keeping them all going during such a difficult time. Thank you Tim!”Tor Adams

Laura Bingham – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Diane Boam – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Jo Bolton – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Richard Bowskill – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Elaine Briers – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Sue Carter – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Barbara Cassia – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Stephen Cassia – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Jade Chidgey – Vaccination Centre Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Georgia Clarke – Gymnastics on Zoom

“Coaching a sport which generally requires physical support from coaches and demonstrations is very challenging to then adapt and teach over zoom. Georgia has successfully kept her gymnasts busy, active and interested during these difficult times. Gymnasts from age 3 upwards have successfully continued to learn and parents have seen major improvements. Georgia also has elderly grandparents who have been shielding for over 12 months. During this whole time she has never failed to do their weekly shopping for them and made sure they have anything else they need. Georgia very much deserves a thank you!”Karen Clarke

Kev Clarke – Leader with Swad Joggers

“Swad Joggers is a fabulous non judgemental running group and their forced closure last year during lockdown meant lots of people lost motivation to continue with their running. Kev stepped in to the rescue setting lots of weekly running challenges such as Street name Bingo and treasure hunts to enable everyone to join in and keep their minds and bodies active. Without Kevs challenges lots of people would have given up their running which would have affected them physically and mentally. Kev made every challenge fun for all and even gave out rewards. Kev is definitely a local hero to our evergrowing Swad Joggers community.”Helen Meadows

Helen Clayton – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Ann Coe – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Patricia Cotton – Supportive Neighbour

“Patricia is one of my neighbours who has gone out of her way to help me during the pandemic, whilst I have been isolating alone. Patricia regularly checks in on me and has supported me by doing my food shopping and helping with tasks I struggle with alone such as pegging the washing out.” Claire Hughes

Cotton Transport – Transport Procession

“For organising the transport procession thorough Swadlincote. Not only could we take part with the clapping but the procession really lifted my spirits and showed a community togetherness. I’m sure many many others as well as myself really appreciated it.” Rusty Wallis

Brian Davis – Managing Village Hall and producing the Village Newsletter

“Brian is a very active member of Willington’s community. Amongst his many roles and activities, he is Chairman of the Village Hall, an active member of Willington Arts Festival, and participates in the Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee, and the Recreation and Activities Committee of Willington Parish Council. In addition to the above activities, Brian produces and distributes the Willington Newsletter. He is a very important member of the Parish, and his services to the village are very much appreciated by the Parish Council and residents alike.”Willington Parish Council

Charlotte Dunn – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer


East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) Patient Transport Service Volunteers

“The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that this has been our most challenging year by far, with lots of changes and extra demand for the service, but our volunteers are an inspiration; their commitment, cheerfulness and willingness to put themselves out for the benefit of others, is something we can all learn from. They have clocked up hundreds of hours supporting our front-line colleagues. I am incredibly proud.” – Debra Dudley

You can watch a video about the EMAS Volunteers here:

Etwall BrowniesThe Brownie Owls of 1st Etwall Brownies

“Almost as soon as lockdown was initiated, the brownie owls made sure the girls had weekly zoom meetings on their usual night. The brownie owls organised fun activities for meetings and the rest of the week, offering a relief from the monotony of home schooling for the girls (and their siblings!). Virtual camps were organised, activities sent virtually and craft supplies dropped off – brownies rapidly became a highlight of the week for the brownies, but also created some really fun family memories for the rest of us. They really were a “guiding light” in some quite tricky times.” – Rachel Hunt

Etwall Covid 19 Help Team (Helen)

“Helen started up a huge volunteer team within the village of Etwall. She produced thousands of leaflets and gathered together other volunteers to help the many vulnerable people in Etwall. She spent time gathering the details of those that needed support and passed on their information to other volunteers and helped many herself. She organised pharmacy runs for those that needed prescriptions collecting and made sure anyone that reached out for support had a buddy to check in on them.” – Rachel Abbott

Evans Pharmacy Volunteer Prescription Deliverers

“These people that volunteer to deliver prescriptions are generally pensioners and go out of their way to get your tablets to you. They are also really pleasant. I do know this chemist has a phone number to get in touch with them because I could not get my tablets and they came out within an hour and brought them. I’m very grateful and hope at least they get a mention. We would have been lost without them during the pandemic and I’m really grateful.” – Lynn Teague

Tracey Fullagar – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Adam Foster – Nomad Tattoo & Co

“Throughout the pandemic, Adam’s tattoo business in Swadlincote was closed. Adam put his time and art skills to good use, creating over 250 unique pieces of art commissioned by his Facebook followers. The proceeds were donated in the first lockdown to Burton Queen’s Hospital, raising over £7,000 and in the third lockdown Adam raised over £2,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Adam also completed a series of drawings raising awareness of mental health. His selflessness has been inspirational and his family and friends are very proud of him.” – Lucy Mitchell

Lizzie Foster – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Suzanne Fox – Supportive Neighbour

“My Mum has been a star throughout the covid pandemic. She has been doing the food shopping for three other households, collecting prescriptions, driving people to hospital appointments, and entertaining and looking out for my Nana (her mother-in-law) who lives on her own and has recently been diagnosed with Dementia. All whilst continuing to work full time at our family business, Swarkestone Nursery. My Mum is one of the kindest, most selfless people I know. I love her very much!” – Laura Jackson

Tracy Gallagher – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Sharon Gibson – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Alan Gifford – Author of a local book and contributor to the parish

“Alan has lived in Willington since 1960 and served on the Parish Council from 1972 for 27 years. He has always had an interest in the history of the village and has collected and recorded information on the village and how it has changed over the last 50 years. He recently published a second book on Willington during lockdown, and all proceeds will be donated to Willington Village Hall. He is an active Parish member, and is an important member of Willington’s community.” – Willington Parish Council

Margaret Gildea – Charity Book Stall

“When the libraries closed due to Coronavirus, Margaret asked people to donate books and jigsaws for her to sell on her garden wall for donations, also delivering to those who were housebound. She has raised over £4,575 for Feeding Britain, a charity which provides meals for hungry children. She has also assisted children develop their reading skills and brought hours of enjoyment to individuals of all ages. For many this was of great value for their mental health. She deserves to be recognised for the sheer amount of effort she has put into this project for the benefit of others.” – Sheila Hicklin, Jane Carroll, Angie Cooke & Cllr Kevin Richards

Goodlife Pharmacy & Hatton Jubilee Hall Vaccination Centre Volunteers

“Delivering medication to people isolating and the elderly and organising and opening the Vaccine Centre at the Jubilee Hall in Hatton. Thank you to the volunteers who have made the experience a safe and relaxing occasion.– Trish Close

Tracey Gould – Supportive Neighbour

“Tracey is my mother’s next door neighbour, she has been a great support not only for my mother but also for me. I live in Scotland and have not been able to visit my mother as regularly as I would have done before the pandemic. My mother has been shielding since the start of the pandemic and Tracey has checked my mother is ok on a daily basis, collected any shopping and medications needed as well as encouraging her to sit outside when the weather is nice to enjoy a cuppa and a chat. I know how much my mum has appreciated this. Thank you Tracey I do not know what we would have done without you through this pandemic xx” – Zoe Meek

Sarah Gregory – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Soumi Gregory – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Martin Hall – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Kerensa Hannon – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Ethan Hanks – Befriending

“Moved in with grandmother during first lockdown in 2021 so that she wasn’t isolated. At present still stays at grandmother’s house during the weekends to keep her company and help out around the house.” – Jean Mead

Jemma Harding – Vaccination Centre Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Craig Harrison, Paul & the Crown Kickboxing Team

“Kept members entertained and motivated through lockdown. Their mantra “stay positive; stay safe” has really kept us all going.” – Fay Bayliss, Lucy & Joan Harrison, Beck Winfield, Stacey Barks, Cheryl Howard, Sammie Crommer, Kirsty Smith, Hannah Cowell, Richard Fowkes, Kirsty Brown, Failie Kavanagh, Julie Mason & Joanne Wignall

“My son has Autism & ADHD & Craig has always welcomed him & been supportive, even when he lost his Dad to suicide last year. Not only just Evan but myself after losing my mum to covid last year too.” – Sophie Fyfe

Hartshorne Helpers – Belinda Woods / Kevin Banton / Stephen Greaves plus many other volunteers

“Hartshorne Helpers offered a service to local vulnerable people and those self-isolating in the village. They initially were set up to provide a shopping service, take calls and collect prescriptions. Donations helped the group to also deliver free food parcels to those most in need. They embarked on additional projects, making PPE for NHS / care staff for free, donating bundles of supporting items to help people feel more comfortable in hospital and delivering a free VE Day high tea food parcel to residents’ homes. Hartshorne Helpers has really shown what a true community spirit is all about!” – Richard Smith, Clerk to Hartshorne Parish Council

Andrew Heafield – Melbourne Assembly Rooms

“Andy is always looking for new ways to engage with the community. He started a weekly market for the community of Melbourne, which has been going for around 7 months now and is still proving very popular with the residents. They feel safe shopping outdoors and love the social side that the market brings into their lives. I’ve had it commented to me many times how enjoyable a trip to the market is and to catch up and see familiar faces. Some people are still very uncertain about going to the shops so the market has been a great comfort. Long may the market continue.” – Sheila Hicklin

Colleen Hempson – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

William Hobbs (Bill) – Age UK Volunteer Befriender

“Bill has been a fantastic support as a befriender throughout the pandemic. He phones regularly to check in on me and when restrictions allow he visits in person and is happy to assist with any jobs which may need doing such as collecting shopping. This has been a vital service for someone who has been isolating alone for the whole pandemic.” – Claire Hughes

Katharine Holdsworth – St Stephen’s Church Group

“Katharine actively supports local residents who are currently struggling and experiencing temporary food hardship. She regularly advertises on a local facebook page of where to go for help, should it be required. Katharine personally collects donations from home addresses. Recently she was able to support a family with a six year old boy, to ensure he was able to celebrate his birthday as he should by resourcing gifts, cakes and decorations. His mother, who was struggling financially was very grateful as this took a lot of pressure off her and restored her faith in humankind.” – Mandy Bennett

Sarah Hollidge – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Karen Hughes – Vaccination Centre Volunteer


Marie Jones – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Margaret Kay – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Andrew Kimberlin – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Collette Laboure and Amy Wadsworth – Supportive Neighbours

“During covid they have gone above and beyond to ensure myself and my 2 children are all ok with our own difficult times we were going through. From dropping off samples to doctors for my youngest daughter, messaging to make sure we were ok, keeping me active and motivated with gardening and teaching me much about plants, to also building me and gifting a flower trough, engraved with mine, my children’s and my late mother’s name, to even just asking if I was coming in the garden for a chat. They have been incredible emotional support and would love to see that kindness to be recognised and praised.”Mrs Tracy Jane Stacey

Joyce Law – Vaccination Centre Volunteer, South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Steve Law – Vaccination Centre Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Anna-Lisa Lees – Vaccination Centre Volunteer


Helen Marson – Community Champion at Morrisons Supermarket, Swadlincote

“Helen has been a great support to many during the Pandemic, spreading joy, supporting the CVS Food Bank and raising awareness. She worked some of her community hours at the food hub over Christmas to help wrap gifts and provided a Christmas dinner in a box to a volunteer who was experiencing financial hardship. Helen has delivered drinks/treats to the Covid testing centres and many other services including the School Holiday Hamper provision. She always has a smile on her face and nothing is ever too much for her. Helen is a true local hero and totally deserves the recognition. Thank you Helen!! – Ben Taylor, Petra Parker & Carli Colley

Chris Mason – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Meals 4 U Volunteers

“It became clear during the beginning of the pandemic that food provision was affecting the local community. Local organisations came together to develop a meal delivery service to support local individuals and families. Over 100 hot meals are now delivered a week! There is a fantastic team of volunteers that have given up their time, including over the Christmas period to both prepare and deliver meals. The project has also been able to offer food hampers for families during school holidays and ensure that all the children and adults received a Christmas present and brought cheer to the end of the year.” – Rosena Preston

Meal Box

“Sarah and her friend and their two sons Alfie and Lawrence have throughout lockdown cooked meals on a Wednesday and special teas on a Sunday so that anyone struggling can have a hot dinner that week. All at cost to themselves. The two boys are fabulous and deliver it out into the local community. They ask for nothing in return. – Lisa Clarke

Midway Post Box Cover Crocheters

“During lockdown these knitted hats appeared on a post box I go past on my daily walk. I have seen two so far, an Easter themed one with eggs and flowers and little creatures, and a Summer themed one called ‘Costa Del Swad’ with shells, a mermaid and a lighthouse! Whoever the knitter/s are, you could tell they had put so much effort into creating these little works of art. It sounds like a small thing, but when you walk the same route every day, seeing something that’s obviously been made with such care and a sense of fun & then put out for everyone to enjoy, really brightens up your day!” – Midway Resident

Oakland Vaccination Hub Volunteer Marshalls

“They can be outside in all weathers for long periods of time, are often at their post for long hours, and keep the general public safe as they guide them through the hub in a socially distanced way. The public are immediately put at ease by their cheerfulness and support. – Jennifer Wainwright

Watch our video featuring the Oakland Vaccination Hub Volunteer Marshalls HERE!

Keith Overton – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Tracy Parker – Organiser of Swad Joggers

“This group has made a huge difference since it has been allowed to start again, to help many who have struggled during lockdown with mental and physical health to get back out and moving. The introduction of the walking group has opened up Swad Joggers to an even larger range of people who have found it difficult to keep moving in the last 12 months with isolating, home-working and shielding. Tracy works hard and puts a lot of time into organising Swad Joggers, alongside being a keyworker running Newhall Surgery and I feel deserves to be nominated as a community hero.” – Jessica Meadows

Simon Parkinson – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Jane Plackett – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Positive Mama Community

“Danielle Palfreyman and Chelsea Jarvis set up a Facebook group called Positive Mama Community, for local mums, to provide encouragement and support. They also set up a weekly pushchair walk, which is really popular and helps participants improve their physical and mental health. They’ve made local new mums feel far less alone during these difficult times. They deserve all the praise they can get.” – Tor Adams & Carli Colley

Watch our video featuring Positive Mama Community HERE!

Neil and Mary Potter (aka Nautilus Widebeam) – Willington Litter Pickers & Bulb Planters

“In 2019 Neil and Mary cleaned out a large brambled area of land next to the canal in Willington, and planted thousands of daffodils and bluebell bulbs. They then put out a request for more areas to clean around the village and got a massive response. Neil and Mary are selfless in their devotion to keeping our village tidy and looking great. They are out and about together for hours sorting out the various items carelessly dumped. They are an amazing and inspiring couple that deserve an award and to be honoured as local heroes, especially considering the difficult and challenging year that we have all experienced.” – Jenny Haigh & Willington Parish Council

Steve Potts – Vaccination Centre Volunteer


Sue Quigley – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Michelle Randon – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Jude Reddyhoff – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Repton COVID-19 Community Support Group (Melissa Cooke, Mary Knowles, Martin Flowerdew, Andrea Balderstone, Sam Doleman, Herbie Kaur)

“The group made tireless efforts to organise a food bank, help with distribution of local news via parish magazine and coordinate newsletters in lockdown, organise 120 volunteers in the parish to support prescription deliveries, shopping, gardening, mental health support, mentoring and tutoring children and adults in need of career help as a consequence of home-schooling and losing jobs respectively, organising a literacy competition and much much more!” – Nisha Ari

Watch our video featuring the Repton COVID-19 Community Support Group HERE!

Leeroy Reuter – BXSMRT team

“This guy and his team delivered bread to the elderly & people in need in our local community. Looked out for people who were old and vulnerable and was a hero. Posted on social media for anyone who was struggling to call and he and his team would help in any way they could.” – Rusty Wallis

Janet Rice – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer, South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer, Contact Centre Volunteer & Hot Meal Delivery Volunteer

“Mum has volunteered for a number of years through CVS. She puts everyone before herself and has always helped others. Even though she was 69 when COVID struck she wanted to help others who weren’t able to get about as much as her. She delivers hot meals on Friday, has gone to telephone befriending now she can’t visit, and has been to some funerals to support those who didn’t have much or any family. She volunteers at the Contact centre as well and regularly does shopping for a number of local people and nothing is too much trouble. She is a great member of the community.” – Gillaian Fookes & Heather Gould

Robin Hood Pub

“A massive Thank You to all the Staff at the Robin Hood in Overseal especially Ruth, Steve and TJ for being the central hub of our Village. Throughout the pandemic, they selflessly gave so much to help so many. Coordinating with others to promote a fabulous response from volunteers to support those in need. From Food bank drops, and deliveries, to Easter eggs for the children and a great Christmas socially distanced Santa’s grotto. We are truly blessed with such special people. Nothing has been too much for the whole team coordinated by Ruth.” – Karen Wood

Patrick Scanlon – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Teresa Scanlon – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Elizabeth (Betty) Shipton – Secretary for ‘Different Strokes’

“Betty has still been working behind the scenes fundraising for the group and has been volunteering for many years.” – Margaret Shaw

Paul Sibson – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Keith Smart – Supportive Neighbour

“Keith is one of my neighbours and whilst I have been isolating he has repeatedly gone out of his way to check in on me and see if there is anything he can do to help me. This has included tasks such as helping with odd jobs around the home and collecting my prescriptions. His help over the past 12 months has really helped make a challenging time better.” – Claire Hughes

Usha Sood – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteers

“Thank you to the volunteers who have been making telephone calls to people who are lonely or isolated on behalf of South Derbyshire CVS during the last year. Many of the people the volunteers are ringing have been shielding and have not left their homes for a year, becoming isolated from friends, family and the social groups they used to attend prior to the pandemic. The volunteers have helped to keep the people they are telephoning connected to the outside world. They may never have met in person, and yet have built up friendships and have been incredibly supportive over the last few months.” – Elspeth Frudd & Margaret Mills

South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteers

“We would like to thank our 33 volunteers who have helped deliver a vital service during the pandemic by collecting shopping, medication and delivering emergency food parcels to the vulnerable in South Derbyshire. A total of 1149 deliveries have been made, 5379 miles driven and 1932 hours of time given. So thank you, what an amazing achievement!” – Rachel Stilwell and Rebecca Cox

Jack Spencer – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Emma Stubbs – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

St Wilfrid’s Church, Barrow Upon Trent Volunteers

“The volunteers at St Wilfrid’s have been working towards completion of the £1m Heritage Lottery funded restoration project for approximately 8 years. The church has an incredible and unique history and its importance has been recognised nationally and internationally. They have finally completed the restoration on time and within budget during the Pandemic year – a phenomenal achievement!” – Julia Marshall

For more information about the restoration of St Wilfrid’s Church visit:

Sally Tate – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Kevin & Lesley Taylor – The Admiral Rodney Inn & Vaccination Centre Volunteers

“During lockdown Kevin and Lesley set up a community shop, operated on a not-for-profit basis, to help locals. They painted the Community Pavilion and carried out regular grounds work at the cricket club. They volunteered with Hartshorne Helpers, including making up PPE for the frontline and knitting hats for babies at Burton hospital. They created village activities for kids such as the Easter Egg hunt, creating painted stones to find, and their scarecrow competition. They also joined the volunteer Vaccine team at Oaklands in Swadlincote. They really are community heroes!” – Steven Tomlin, Richard Smith & Katherine & Andrew Thomas

Phillip Treadwell – South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Mary Tyler – Vaccination Centre Volunteer


Ingrid van de Weide – Chair of Swad In Bloom

“When the pandemic started several of our volunteers were shielding and none of us were allowed to meet for meetings or working parties. Ingrid carried on hosting regular meetings via Zoom. Our group has gone on to have a community garden at the rear of the CVS, held town tidy up days, hosted a seed swap and seedling stall and started a community beehive project. We have gained more volunteers and community/business support. None of this would have happened without Ingrid’s tenacity and determination to carry on our group’s work. We wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Ingrid.”Angela Griffin

Amy Wadsworth and Collette Laboure – Supportive neighbours

“During covid they have gone above and beyond to ensure myself and my 2 children are all ok with our own difficult times we were going through. From dropping off samples to doctors for my youngest daughter, messaging to make sure we were ok, keeping me active and motivated with gardening and teaching me much about plants, to also building me and gifting a flower trough, engraved with mine, my children’s and my late mother’s name, to even just asking if I was coming in the garden for a chat. They have been incredible emotional support and would love to see that kindness to be recognised and praised.”Mrs Tracy Jane Stacey

Christine Wain – Vaccination Centre Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Home from Hospital / Shopping Service Volunteer

Andrew Watson – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Felicity Watson – Vaccination Centre Volunteer

Katrina Woodward – South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Mr Bryan Wolfe – Maintaining a village green and memorial site

“Bryan has installed a ‘rest bench’ for visitors and a memorial flagpole where various flags that he has donated are flown in recognition of key events. Bryan has improved and re-sited a WW1 memorial stone and enhanced the WW1 tree memorial plaques. At his own expense, Bryan plants out and maintains the seasonal bedding areas, pots and hanging basket he has created. On VE Day 2020 after adorning the green with his own bunting, Bryan exhibited his small collection of vintage vehicles and memorabilia for villagers and visitors to enjoy. Bryan also promotes the ‘clean up after your dog’ scheme and keeps the area ‘litter free’.” – Joanna Louise Lang

Claire Worker – Vaccination Centre Volunteer & South Derbyshire CVS Befriending Volunteer

Claire Wyatt – Swadlincote Voluntary Group

“I was sheltering and not able to go out. Claire collected prescriptions and some groceries to help me, with a smile.” – Eric Lummis

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